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        ATA Home | 中文版 
        Last updated March 10, 2006

        Product Details
        Offline UPS H series 500VA ~ 1000VA

        line interactive with square waveform HA series





        This kind of UPS is specially designed for computer system and accurate electronically-controlled devices with clean power output. The unit will switch to inverter mode in a very quick response time less than 8ms in the event of outage, sag, blackout to ensure the normal performance of load.

        Model K500VA H500VA (A) H500 (B) H1000VA (A) H1000VA (B)
        Input voltage 165 ~ 265V 140 ~ 280V 165 ~ 265V 140 ~ 280V
        Output voltage 165 ~ 265V 190 ~ 250V 165 ~ 265V 190 ~ 250V
        Switch time < 10ms
        Waveform Square wave
        Protection type Overload, short circuit, over-charging
        Overload, short circuit and low battery voltage UPS shut down automatically
        alarm and LED display Alarm every 4-second if powered by battery with red lamp flashing; alarm every second upon depletion of battery with red lamp flashing
        Backup time 1 x PC
        5 ~ 8 m
        1 x PC 10 ~ 13 m 2 x PC 8 ~ 12m
        Batteries 1x12V 4AH 1 x 12V 7AH 2 x 12V 7AH
        Net weight 5 6.5 11
        Dimension ( packing size) 305 x 142 x 220 410 x 180 x 230 480 x 225 x 295
        Charging time > 8 hours

        Contact Details


        Shante Zhuhai Electronics Co., Ltd.
        Tel: +86-757-86367780, 86368351
        Fax: +86-757-86368353
        Add: 2nd Floor, H Building, Beiyue Industrial Zone, Guicheng Nanhai, Foshan City, GD China
        Postal code: 528000
        Key Contact:
        Mr.Richard Dong
        Export Manager
        Tel: 0086-13512755255
        Homepage Address


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