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      Last updated March 10, 2006

      Quality Control
      Quality control is the most important part in the production. There are two QC at that end of every soldering line and component insert line respectively to make sure the right location of component, to check the welding point, to clip the extra pin for better outlook; and every PCB will be inspected in this way.
      There is are two QC at the middle and end of every packing line responsible for input voltage, AVR range, charging voltage, inverter voltage, shutdown voltage and etc in compliance with the standard specified.
      The Sinewave waveform checking is done on high frequency series UPS as all high frequency series UPS have pure Sinewave output
      Before packing, all UPS will undergo the discharging testing, charging testing (testing for 8 hours), dynamic testing ( All UPS will be switched on and off for five times in every minute, controlled by software, lasting for one hour).
      ? QC/Technical Support
      We have obtained the ISO 9001 approval and CE certificate. Every procedure from raw materials warehousing, component inserting, performance testing of PCB, finished UPS performance testing to UPS ageing testing is under strict quality control. We always guarantee the best quality and service to our clients.
      ? QC Staff
      10 to 19
      ? Standards & Approvals

      ISO 9001, CE
      ? Materials/Components
      We mainly import electronic component from Japan and U.S.A, such as HITACHI capacitor and NICHICON capacitor to make sure the stability of our UPS.
      ? Procedures/testing Details
      Our QC department carries out quality control according to stringent standard. It consists of different posts inclusive of IQC, QC, IPQC, QA and QE, each of which is in charge of related procedure to examine all materials, semi-finished products and finished products.
      ? Other Information
      As a holder of ISO 9001 approval and CE certificate, we guarantee to produce high-quality products under advanced standards for our clients.


      Shante Zhuhai Electronics Co., Ltd.
      Tel: +86-757-86369105
      Add: 2nd Floor, H Building, Beiyue Industrial Zone, Guicheng Nanhai, Foshan City, GD China
      Postal code: 528000
      Key Contact:
      General Manager

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