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      ATA Home | 中文版 
      Last updated March 10, 2006

      Services and Support
      • Guarantees/Warranties/Terms and Conditions
        • Quality policy: permanent power supply, non-interruptible, first-class quality, surpasses international standards.
        • Our company's off-line UPS series products are with one-year waranty, on-line UPS series are two-year warranties.
        • Export/Import Processing Support
          We have special production line for export orders. Upon receipt of orders, we start prompt production. We guarantee favorable price, the best quality and duty shipment.
      We assure you that we can provide high-quality products and best services to meet all your requirements.

      Contact Details


      Shante Zhuhai Electronics Co., Ltd.
      Tel: +86-757-86369105
      Add: 2nd Floor, H Building, Beiyue Industrial Zone, Guicheng Nanhai, Foshan City, GD China
      Postal code: 528000
      Key Contact:
      General Manager


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